Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Adventures in Breastfeeding!! #5

                              THE DREADED BREAST PUMP
That's right! I said it! I hate pumping milk. I loathe it, honestly. It feels like a ridiculous inconvenience to me. I have to stop whatever project I'm doing at work to take 30 minutes (which is usually when I have to eat, too) . At home, and the baby is asleep? She's gonna be hungry when she wakes up in an hour. Why pump?
Manual, Single, Double...I hate 'em all! I know they have their purpose, but I'm not a fan.
But, let me tell you that I am so thankful to have a pump that fits my needs.
Since introducing my little Bel to oatmeal (or peas, because that's her favorite) for dinner, I've had to pump a little extra through the day to make sure it was mixed with breastmilk. Sure,  I get super confused when my left side gives me nothing after  15 minutes,  but turns into a super soaker as soon as Isabel latches on. I'm usually pumping my right,  and managing (while secretly judging and loathing myself) about 3oz worth of milk. That's enough for 1 oz in cereal,  with 2 as a nightcap after her bath. But still, there are times that I soak through my shirt, but when I put the tatas on the pump, I'm drier than the Sahara. Talk about mind-boggling.  

So! I went digging through my bookmarks, back when I first went back to work, and found the sites below. Happy reading!

When my supply first seemed to drop off, I scrambled for answers on the internet. The website above not only gave me information about pumping at work, but also about my freezer supply, and how to help my supply work its way back up!
(Don't check the message boards. The last active post was in 2006)

Bookmark this page. Do it. Do it now. It's going to help you while you're cursing yourself under your breath because you have to drag out the stupid pump YET again. Read the articles while you pump. :)