Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Great Purge: Bathroom Closet

As the rage of the minimalist lifestyle sweeps its way through Mommy Nation, so too has it enthralled me. Partly because there's too much crap in this too small house, and partly because I feel the need to live a little more simply. I took my first step with this in a previous post, Self-Inflicted Smothering, where I realized my place of refuge was making my anxiety worse because of all the clothes I had piling up. 
 Then, I took it one step further, and completely organized/emptied my basement! Needless to say, Spring Cleaning won't get me anywhere if I'm just dusting off my junk!

One place I try to keep tidy is my bathroom. Unfortunately, I had started to just cover up my clutter by hanging a sheet in the first. What you can't see won't kill ya, right? Wrong! It to no end to see all that crap piled up! It had to go...

Seriously, two half empty bags of cotton balls? 

I found things half-used, or simply empty! It was no wonder I was so cluttered and disorganized.

I like having first aid supplies on hand, but they were all over the place! NO MORE! Two tupperware bowls, and I was in business.

My bottom shelf was the worst, I felt. My makeup box was in the way, and everything just sort of smooshed around it. I couldn't get to my makeup without knocking something off or over.

Not only did I clean up my overstuffed makeup box, (Which should be done every six months!!) I organized all the little things cluttering around it! Hair ties are now in neat little cups, and my red tote has all the samples, brushes, razors, and odds and ends inside.

Do you see what I see? Wasted floor space! And...well, bags of wrappers and such. A baby bath  that was used twice? To the basement with you!

A foot soak machine? You can stay, absolutely!

A basin with my stash of Bath & Body works soap and body spray? Looks like your contents are going to the top of the closet, and giving up some extra space!

Aaaah, much better! And now I had a place to put my Swiffers, too!

I always found a way to hoard shampoo, conditioner, and soap. It wasn't on purpose! It just sorta happened that way. And since I'm a tall gal, my cleansers usually went over sinks and in cupboards, rather than under the sink. (Saves on baby proofing, too!) And so, I organized my many bottles of shower gear, and put them where I knew they'd be safe from sticky toddler hands, and rummaging hubby who 'can't find his deodorant', despite it being in the same place. Ever. Single. Time.