Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mommy Reality Blogging Challenge #2

Hello everyone! This week's Mommy Reality Challenge is all about Mommy's Meals! 
Now, I wasn't sure how to go about this, simply because I have a 5 month old that's only just started eating solids, and a 6 year old that can (and does, much to my chagrin) make...toast. Waking up at 6a.m. to make toast so mommy doesn't see how much jelly she uses. Yup. Hasn't happened in a while, but you can bet the smell of toast will wake me out of a sound sleep, because I'll think she's trying to burn down the house.
But the challenge is about the not so pretty side of mommy meals, and what we give our kids . Click for more adorable examples!
Anyway, the pictures I've put in today are two of my biggest snack culprits: 

#1: Cheese Curds. Can we say Dairy State? I live 15 minutes from a dairy factory, and these little guys are always there, and available in a few flavor varieties. They come in my favorite flavor, too: Calories. Haha!

#2: These are my go-to 'procrastination' snacks for Beans. After lunch, we have 'quiet time'. Baby Bel goes down for a nap, usually, and Lala and I will read a book, or color, or I'll nap on the couch and she'll watch a Disney movie, curled up at my feet. The granola bar, or 'Chewy' bars, are the most important food group to my 6 year old. Her day is not complete unless she eats like 4 of these. 
The snack packs are an added bonus. They're like a delicious reward for eating all of her nasty green beans at dinner. Or, usually, just a way for me to make her stop talking about the invisible rabbit she has living in her closet (for the millionth time) so I can clean up in peace.