Friday, July 11, 2014

Mommy Reality Challenge #3

This challenge is all about capturing a 'Moment of Trouble'. I just might have a couple of those snapped on my old phone...

"Mommy I need your FACE!!" I still have claw marks in my cheeks. This wasn't kissing. This was chomping on my cheekbones.

I hear from behind me, "Mommy, these shoes make me want to pose for magazines!" She started her own version of The Vogue, so I had to grab a shot.

Ah, the baby has started to move around the living room more and more. A mix of rolling and side pulling finally got her to her goal: Bright Puzzle Pieces. Omnomnom, Mommy. They're mine now! (*Puzzles bought specifically for their large piece sizes, which cannot easily be swallow, or even really grasped, by the baby)

Ok, so it might not be super awful trouble moments, but they're mischievous for sure! (After this post, I've tried to keep my phone away from me as much as possible during the day)