Monday, February 23, 2015

Healthy Me Week 7: Reassessment & Product Test!!

Hey everyone! Sorry this post is so behind; I've been working for about 7 days straight now, and finding time to sit and blog has become harder and harder. Only 5 more days until my break! Whew!

At the First Annual Mommy Fest in Marshfield, WI, I was given a small sample from Ms. Carmen WEbb, an ItWorks! consultant. You know the company: They have the wraps that shrink your belly and thighs!
Well, they also have stretch mark cream. Let me tell you, I was both excited and nervous to use this stuff. I had tried many products, and none of them seemed to help.
After using Mederma (which is a $30 bottle of scar cream, and considered one of the best creams out there) and having little success with my very deep stretch marks, I had resigned myself to having ribbed, rough skin around my hips and belly. Maybe it's because I'm losing the weight, or maybe it's because I'm more observant; either way, I've noticed a small change in my skin tone in the week that I've used this stuff! I will post more after 30 days of use. My little sample will last that long. After all, a little goes a long way!

BEFORE: Still kinda pinkish-purply, and deep. 2 kids later. 

The color has changed a bit, and you can see how it's smoothing out!

And now, for the juicy part-

Last Week: 170 lbs
This Week: 171 lbs


So, those small, sneaky pounds are coming back. I hold myself accountable for a lot of it, especially since I've been slacking on my exercise. Hey, with a busted wrist, it's hard to find things that isn't running! But I can't use that as a crutch. I'm researching exercises to do with one hand, and hopefully I can get back on track.
I am OK with not meeting my goal for the month of February, because I didn't just let myself go. I had a medical reasoning for stopping my routine. 

New Goals For March:

-Lose 4 pounds
-Solidify a work-out program for my situation

Gotta keep that positive attitude! We can do this!

Love ya Mamas!