Monday, February 16, 2015

Mommy Reality Challenge #8: Mommy's Guilty Pleasure

Oh, wow. A guilty pleasure...

You know, I don't think things in this life should make us feel guilty for enjoying them. Like when I sing Spice Girls music while cleaning my bathroom, or watching ghost movies/shows while eating ice cream and wearing my noon. I don't feel guilt over these things, and never understood the idea behind a guilty pleasure. But, for the sake of the challenge, I will give a list of things I really like, even though I'm an adult, and a mom, and....whatever else.

(credit: Disney studios)

1. I really love school. Like, oh my god, if I could just be a professional student, I would. I love learning new things. I get giddy when I have to do class work.

Kitty Foreman is my spirit animal.
(Credit: Fox Media)

2. I really, really, really like wine. I don't drink it often because of breastfeeding and god awful shift work times, but when I get the chance, I'm ridiculously happy.

My little hunter, Zurai. I can kill you in three moves. <3!
(Credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

3. Ah, video games. I love video games a lot. A. Lot. In fact, I met my husband on the infamous World of Warcraft. Oh, yeah. Love at first type. We consistently play video games together, and live by the creedo: "The couple that slays together, stays together."

4. Yoga. If I had known that I would find this kind of self-love & understanding through yoga, I would've started it a lot sooner. When I have to go without doing even a few simple poses, I feel completely out of whack.

(Artist Unknown- found on Pinterest)

5. Tea. In ungodly amounts. You know that old adage, 'Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food'? Thanks, Hippocrates- You're supporting my tea habit! In all seriousness, I will drink tea before I take medicine to soothe my symptoms. I drink tea to boost me up, calm me down, and help me to clear my mind after a nerve-wracking day. I will even splurge a few extra dollars on local, organically grown tea, and drink it on very special occasions.

So, there's five things I love; My pleasures in life. I try my best to indulge in at least one every day. 


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