Friday, January 9, 2015

Mommy Reality Challenge #6: Real Mom Loungewear

So, a while back, I started doing the Mommy Reality Challenges to help get those juices flowing for blog posts, as well as connect to my Mommy Blogger community. And then I fell off the wagon.
It was August. AUGUST. Geeze.
I decided that they were really too fun to quit, and since I'm dedicating myself to my blog and my health, it'd be good to pick it back up!After all, I'm all about keeping things real.

Where was I? Oh, right. I'm on the 6th challenge: Mommy Lounge wear. AKA, what I wear when I only have to take Delilah to school. (Bra optional)

Oh yeah, there I am in all my radiant glory! I don't do a lot of makeup , or dress up fancy, so this is as close to comfy as I get without being naked! (Remove fuzzy socks to see me in my summer wear)

You see that plain old gray shirt? Sure, it's nice and simple. It can be paired with lots of things to look nice and not-so-slept-in. But what you don't see is the throw up stain that my hair is covering. You don't see how stretched the collar is because Baby Girl keeps pulling on it for her 'Na-Na' time. It's also starting to ride up a little in the back, thanks to the muffin top that refuses to deflate. That qualifies it as pajamas to me!

Anyone else out there dare to share? C'mon, it's fun! 

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