Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mommy Reality Challenge #7: IN SUMMER!

This challenge is called 'Essence of Summer', and with all the snow and icky cold weather, I thought bringing this topic out -now- would do us all a bit of good. Kinda like the goal at the end of the freezing racetrack.

I wanted to include two pictures from this last summer that really held a special place in my heart, and I felt that summer would last forever in these photos.
My backyard view from the back screen door
The first one, above, is my back yard. It is lush, and green, and the brush I have as a land divider is full of spiders! (*I love spiders because I hate mosquitoes.) That greenery is a memory I like to keep front and present on days like today, when it's snowing and I don't want to walk outside.

Beans and her lei!
Ah, my beautiful Beans. This year was the first year I let her pick out her own bathing suit. She plucked this colored number from a box of hand-me-downs I had tucked away in the basement, and -tried- to wear it under her clothes every day. Her reasoning? "Well, just in case we go to the pool today. You never know!" I'm very thankful to have had the gently used clothing available, and the smile on her face that day was a perfect summer feeling-- Warm, excited, and happy.