Sunday, January 11, 2015

Healthy Me: Week 1

Check in time, Mamas! I'm hoping to keep up with this as I weigh in each week. I tried doing this with my meal plans last April, but it fell through. Now, I have more reasons for accountability. And, most importantly, I wanna show that it doesn't matter what I do, as long as I'm doing something to change! If I can do it, so can every other Mama out there! Let's get started.

My Yoga Path: Finding Myself Again

So, I did it. I finally put the excuses aside, and threw myself into the world of yoga. Both feet. No tiptoes. And so far, it feels amazing. Adriene, the Yogi I've come to just adore, has a sort of mantra: 'Find What Feels Good'. And though I'm not on the correct day for this week ( I had an early nursing night with Baby Girl and a stress migraine), I'm still feeling fantastic. This series is on Youtube, and I've put the first video here to see if it's your cup of tea. If so, enjoy!

My Un-Diet: Kinda like an un-birthday. I don't really believe in one, so I had to look at the big picture. Healthier eating is a better diet for everyone. Not necessarily calorie counting, but good, wholesome foods. But, of course, you can still eat too much of a good thing. My too much? Sugar. Holy cow, I didn't realize how much was in my diet until I started using a fitness app to track my meals. Wait, a fitness app? Me? Yes!!
MyFitnessPal on android or Iphone is an amazing investment, especially since it's free! It gives you a general amount of calories that you need to have every day, tracks your sugar intake goals, and has a place to keep a record of how much you exercise during the day.
{Protip: Add 'breastfeeding' under the Cardio section for calorie burning. Writew up the calories burned by doing the math I'll be explaining in my next post. Win/Win situation!}

The downside to this app is that I always have questions: How am I still undereating? (I usually never meet my 1280 goal by about 200 calories.)
Did I push myself into starvation mode? I'm not that hungry, man. I don't graze on food all day like I used to. I eat small meals with small snacks, and I'm always full! What on earth is going on here??

I will say that MyFitnessPal is, personally, easier to use than the S Health that comes standard on the Galaxy phones (S2 and higher). I have no idea how to plug in all those numbers. But, if you need a pedometer that also tracks food, then go with the S Health. It's all about how you want to lose the weight!!

Starting weight:178 lbs.
Weigh in 1/10: 175.5
Total pounds lost: 2.5

WHOOO!!! I beat my week goal, -and- I'm keeping my milk supply up! If I can do this, you can do it, Mamas.