Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tea Time!

When you think of the phrase 'tea time', do you think of older, stuffy British people, hovering around a silver tray filled with teacups and dry cookies? Funny as that mental image may be, it's mostly a time to sit down, relax, and reflect on the day. I wanted to implement this as part of my health journey, and have this as an outlet for the wellness part of my journey. These kinds of entries will include: Rants, Discussing stresses (and how to relieve them), yoga, and of course, tea blends to help with everything!

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The advice and information given is from my own experiences, as well as research done on my own time, and under the council of a healthcare provider. With that being said, let's get things started!

Tea flavor of the day: Apple & Cinnamon

With the temperature still too low for my liking, I like to stick to the cozier flavors. And I find Apple/Cinnamon blends to be perfect! It has also been shown throughout the years that cinnamon and honey in tea can help soothe cold or flu symptoms. Talk about your Win-Win!

More benefits of Cinnamon!

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Flavoring your teas with sugar can be a treat, but honey can be beneficial, and healthier!

Drink Well, Mamas. Love ya!

Disclaimer: I am not a physician, and my blog posts are not meant as a diagnostic tool. I am, in no way, meaning to bring or cause harm to someone because of topics discussed.