Saturday, March 14, 2015

Healthy Me Week 10: Getting Back Into The Groove

Hello again, Mamas! This week was tough. Not only did I have a good bit of stress on me, but I caught the stomach flu! Ugh, talk about awful. It took me four days to get over most of it, and I still suffer a little. Isn't it weird how you can't just bounce back after being hit with something like that? Despite eating yogurt to help my gut flora, I still get the queasies. Blah. At least I lost a couple pounds in the process, yeah? Yeah...that's not a healthy way to do it.

On a more positive note: I have been released to use my wrist more! Up to 20 lbs total lifting (10 lbs per hand) and all the fun stuff I used to do, like writing and typing and CROCHETING! (Oh, god, all those poor projects...) But this also means easing myself back into my Yoga poses! I'm so excited!!! Oh, I've missed it.


Last Week- 171 lbs
This Week- 169 lbs

Let's get back on the wagon, and get lower! 
Love ya, Mamas! WE CAN DO IT (again)!