Saturday, June 7, 2014

Where I Am In This Wide Web

You can find me easier than Waldo!

Bloglovin'! This fun li'l website makes it so all of your favorite blogs are on one feed. I love this because I follow so many that update almost daily, and that's a lot of emails notifications!

Well, look-y there! I'm a Pinterester, too! Yes, actually, I was bitten by the Pinterest bug a while back. I have tested quite a few of the ideas there as well.
(Maybe I'll even start doing DOES IT WORK?! blog posts. That'll be fun!!)

Facebook? Yeah, no, Facebook is my personal page. I use it to show off pictures of my girls to all my relatives.

Yes, I even use the Twitter Machine. Sometimes. >.>
I'll admit, I don't see much use to it, but on occasion, I find fun little things to read. I follow Stephen King, and he's a  riot! #noideawhatI'mdoing #nofilter

Instagram! Wait, I only just signed up for it this week. I have no idea how this thing works. But if you really want? Emprata

Is there any other way to plug into the Social Media Monster? Leave a comment with your favorite!