Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Don't Eat Off My Floors

I just saw this link while taking a break from cleaning my house. Yeah, I take breaks during my routine. I'll admit, I was raised to do spot cleaning during commercials during my grandmother's 'stories'. It was unheard of for her to miss an episode, and yet her house was always tidy. I do the same thing, only this time I use Baby Einstein movies, or my music player. When the video is over, or a commercial comes on, I haul the baby to her high chair or saucer, and we go do dishes, fold laundry, whatever for as long as she doesn't start screeching. On an average day, I clean for maybe an hour, tops. I try and do this on the days I don't work.

But, there are days when I just don't feel like scrubbing. I don't wanna touch another dish or another piece of clothing. (These are the days I've been pooped on multiple times, and showered more in 6 hours than I had the previous week)
Some days, I wanna sit around in my thermals with my thick wool socks watch a full season of House, M.D. (Which is probably my most favorite show of all time)
For summer? A tank, shorts, and flip flops with messy hair and *gasp* NO BRA.

How do I keep my house clean when these moods strike? How do I balance homemaking and child raising?

I don't.

 I was looking through weekly ads when I saw this adorable scene. Delilah was playing peek-a-boo with Isabel, who just happened to realize her feet were within reach!! After snapping the picture, I got down on the floor and played with them, being the tickle monster and getting at least half an hour of giggles out of both girls. 
So what if dinner was late? So what if I didn't do the dishes from the day before? My children were happy, and I was happy because of it. They slept well for me that night. And I did, eventually, stack all the dishes together and wipe off my stove. Chores for another day.

However, there are some days where I drop off Delilah at school, then pop Isabel in with our favorite sitter, and come home to rock out with my broom and mop. $15 for the day-care, and a clean house. I can live with that. If day-care isn't an option, ask a grandparent to come over and see the baby. You can clean while they play. Win-Win!