Monday, June 9, 2014


Pancakes are a rare delicacy around my house. I never seem to find the time in my busy morning before work to make them. But when I do? Oooh, it's a doozy of a batch!
I don't make just any ol' pancake. Oh, no. I make 'homemade' apple cinnamon pancakes that you can eat with our without syrup!

*pancake mix ( just add water)
*ground cinnamon
*apple sauce (sweetened or unsweetened)

I'm very much a measure by sight gal.  I never follow directions on the pancake box because the consistency with the apple sauce just doesn't work with the measurements given. This can be fun for you and the kids to play with!
-In a mixing bowl, mix together pancake mix, a glop of applesauce, and a fair bit of cinnamon. Mix together. It'll look dry.

-Add water, little by little, while stirring the mix. This gives you the chance to make your own thick or thin pancakes. 

-A spoonful of batter is what we use. Grease up a griddle or skillet and lay 'em out. Don't set the heat very high.  The natural sugars in applesauce means these bad boys will scorch easy if the heat is too high or you don't watch them. 

-Turn every few minutes.  Yeah, they're gonna look burned.  I promise that they aren't.  You'll smell it if they are.

Once they're off the griddle, serve 'em up! If your middles feel a tiny bit moist, that's ok. If they're super gloppy, that just means your heat was too high. There's a low learning curve for these, so you can experiment however you want. 

Yeah, that's right! I make more than what I expect to eat, and pop these babies in the freezer for mornings I don't feel like cooking. 

*You can fit 2-4 in sandwich ziploc bags
*They thaw fairly quickly, and can be reheated frozen if needed
*Put 'em in the toaster (temp depends on frozen/thawed) and they pop out delicious!

One less thing to worry about in the mornings! 
Do you have any special recipes you like to make ahead for breakfast?