Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sample Test: Seacret, Dead Sea Minerals On My Face!

So, a friend of my husband sent us a sample pack of products that he sells. The company is called Seacret, and it's a body/facial regimen that prides itself on Dead Sea Minerals, and all natural extracts. I have NORMAL/DRY SKIN, meaning my T-Zone has graduated from puberty, and my cheeks tend to be patchy and uneven. 
This is my unpaid, honest opinion of the morning facial regimen. 

 I started off with the mineral-rich peeling gel, the facial cleansing milk, and the refining toner. These sample packets have the bare minimum, and while using them, I remembered the old adage 'A little goes a long way', and it really does in this case!
 Also pictured is my toothpaste.

This is my loverly face after vacation. I did a little binge eating (because Portuguese food is amaaaaaazing!), and drank a glass of wine every night. My skin didn't like that one bit! How dare I stray from the norm! You can see the redness on my cheeks, and that wonderful breakout on my bottom lip and chin. 
Skin feels: A little rough. I have dry patches on my cheeks, and acne bumps. T-Zone is not greasy, or dry. Blackheads and pores are apparent on nose and chin. 


 <- This is what happens when you
use the gel, and your face is wet!

This is what happens when you
 use the gel, and your face
is dry! ->

Skin feels: TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT! Oh my god, it's like I've used some oil-absorbing facial wash. It also feels a little sticky, despite rinsing thoroughly, and wiping my face with a soft cloth. I don't think I did the peel correctly.


This is a little different from your average facial cleanser. First of all, you use a clean cotton ball to massage it into your skin.

Secondly, it feels like I'm rubbing wet velvet into my skin. The instructions say nothing about rinsing this product, so I tried to let it dry. I really, really tried. Nope. My face felt FUNKY! So I rinsed as much as I could. This is the ick from my face. See that gray and brown? That's what was 'cleaned'.

Skin feels: Ridiculously soft, even though I'm afraid to touch it with my bare fingers. A little gooey, too, with the product being left on.

Now we come to the toner. The cotton ball on the left shows what was left over.

Skin feels: Not quite as gooey as before, but I can almost feel the product just sitting on my face. Flare-ups and redness ensues. Damn you, sensitive skin!

Up next, we have the eye gel. I threw this in at the last minute, as well as the moisturizer, because I wanted a full product experience.
This tiny dab actually did pretty well. It smoothed over my skin like butter, and didn't sting or make my eyes water like other eye gels tend to do.
The picture of my eyes are a good comparison for a before and after. Even five minutes later, my eyes felt less puffy. The bags seemed to improve, too.


Now, this little packet was impressive. I used the WHOLE thing, because necks need love, too.

Two swoops of face cream with a pleasant scent was a good place to start. I gave myself a good facial massage, since the instructions were to massage gently until product had absorbed. If I was going to do something right, it would be this.

The silky texture was a bonus, and made it easier to just keep massaging. Afterwards, I felt like I should have a tub of this for my entire body.

Skin feels: Holy crap. Facial sins of my past were forgiven once this product had been absorbed. While it felt a little heavy for summertime, it was still quite luxurious. I'd say my skin felt hydrated, but overly so on my T-Zone, to the point of feeling heavy.
Even that little flare-up of redness seemed to disappear once it was over.

All in all, I was pleased with the process. The instructions say that the whole thing is to be done morning and night, and the other sample packets seem to focus more on diminishing wrinkles and not adult acne. Would I buy this product? Probably. I think I'd keep it as my winter routine, since the frigid Wisconsin temperatures wreak havoc on my skin. I'd definitely keep the eye gel year round, though.  Seacret Spa has a high price tag, but the product -works-, and that's why I suggest it as a Mother's Day splurge, or Tax Refund splurge.

Currently, it is 11 p.m., and my it still feels like there's too much moisturizer on my forehead. However, when hubby leaned over to kiss me around lunchtime, he was surprised. "Your face feels like a snuggly blanket. What'd you do?" He still rubs my cheek with the back of his hand, and says, "Yup, still soft."

;) Love ya, Mamas. Have fun!