Friday, June 5, 2015

Adventures in Breastfeeding: Bittersweet

Monster Girl finally weaned last month. As I've said in previous blog posts, I knew the day was coming. While it wasn't forced from a dwindling supply, it still it still felt like it was over all too quickly. I felt the separation, the sadness, and, of course, bliss.
Wait, what?
What I thought was a perfect latch was actually the last one we shared.

Yes, bliss. I'll admit, that selfish little voice was singing praises to finally get some personal space back. We did it in probably the most surprising way imaginable: I put her to bed in her sister's room, and didn't use a baby monitor. How barbaric, right? Well, no. Not for us. She had been eating solids regularly since she was about 10 months old, and seemed to only want to nurse when she was being disciplined. (Read as, Daddy making 'the face', which always sends her into pouty lip mode)
We also live in a small, two bedroom home that has awful acoustics, so I can hear every cough and whimper from the girls' room, no matter where I am. Baby monitors need not apply here.

I fully believe in child-lead weaning, and sometimes, it needs help along. Monster Girl had been boob-free for two weeks, with the exception of the sleepy boob time. You know it as the nursing session that wakes you up at 2 a.m. because shrieks are coming from the other side of the room.

On the night of the transition, we snuggled. We read a book. We made sure that she had her blankie and her stuffed giraffe, lovingly referred to as 'Aff!'. We made sure that Beans had her night light plugged in, and packed both girls off to bed for the night.
At first, it was just giggles and shrieks. Then, about ten minutes or so into it, there was silence. It was glorious; A peacefulness settled in the house. For the first time in 14 months, I was able to sleep through the night. We've had very few issues with the move, and feel as if it has made the girls grow even closer.

I want to thank everyone that has come with me on this journey, and I can only hope to keep giving others something fun to read about.

Love ya, Mamas!