Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Healthy Me Week 12: Wrapping Up

Hello, Mamas! Well, last week was week 12 of my Healthy Me 'challenge'. That means this whole thing is over. Kind of.

Keeping up with this goal has made me realize that it's not about how much or little I ate, or when I got on the mat. It was more about keeping a promise to myself that I would try, every day, to not just take the easy way out. And if I did? I wouldn't be hard on myself.

The hardest part about the whole goal challenge was that I still couldn't accept a five pound weight swing during my PMS time. Five whole pounds! That's about two weeks worth of work! And my body just gains and drops it like it's nothing. Blah! Now I can anticipate it, at least. I can brace myself when stepping on the scale.

And now, it's time for the WEEKLY WEIGH IN! Because I know you're all excited about it.

Last week: 172 lbs
This week: 176 lbs

Below is a video that helps me out A LOT! Yoga can do so much, and it even makes for a more relaxed body at bed time. I mean, who hates sleeping while having cramps, raise your hand? Yeah. Me, too. Enjoy Mamas! Love ya!