Friday, May 30, 2014

Adventures in Breastfeeding! pt 2

It's 10:30pm. After a thirty minute feeding/burping/rocking/snuggling session, Isabel is finally asleep. I strip down to PJ's and crawl into bed. I do this very quietly, and in pitch darkness, because her crib is in my room. I plug my phone in and play BINGO on silent or check my emails/twitter/pinterest/Facebook.
12:30am. Lucky me, 2 months old is when she decided to sleep through (most) of the night. My boobs, however,  have their own schedule. I wake up to an almost burning tingle, and throbbing nipples. Guess it's time to pump. Ugh. After half an hour, I can crawl back to bed.
3/3:30 am. She's started to fuss and whine, but not actually cry. Time for a change, and a one-boob feeding. 99% of the time, she burps twice on her own and then fusses after I put her down. Sometimes binkie is needed for sucking, sometimes not. But she always needs her woozy blanket. I put her in the portable bassinet, which is beside my bed, and we both fall asleep to Daddy's snoring.
It's now 5:45am. On the dot. I hear a little quack from someone, which is her way of telling me she's awake and ready to play! I peer over the edge of her bassinet to see a huge grin. I change her first, then bring her back to my bed, where we cuddle and nurse the neglected side, which is now the side of a cantelope and consistently leaking with every slight touch. I doze off, but not for long. Isabel feels the need to dig into my breast with her baby nails, and hold on for dear life as she sucks me dry. She only pulls away to burp a little, and then she immediately snuggles up into my cleavage and falls asleep. It is now 6 am.
7:15am. My alarm goes off, alerting the house that it's time to wake up with irritating pop music mixed with static, because we can't get reception in the house.
My 6 year old, Delilah, decides to come in and turn off my alarm. She then pokes or shakes me, declaring that it's time to wake up and I have to get dressed. Isabel wakes up, too, and I shake Joe to wake up. And what is the first thing out of his mouth?
"Man, I'm so tired!"

(**For some reason, Blogger did not keep this published, despite my doing so via  the phone app. Grr!)