Monday, July 27, 2015

Minimalist Me: The Dark Below

 So, while I had the chance to tap into the Mother-In-Law powers, I took advantage of the Self-Inflicted Smothering idea, and began to work on the abyss that had become my basement.

First of all, this was in my basement. Boxes upon boxes upon boxes. But why? We've been here four years now, and yet I'd not thrown out a single box. I was always hoping that we'd need them to move into a place of our own. And yet, they were covered in webs, and stacked to the rafters. Nuh-uh. That was no way to go. All boxes and bags that had nothing in them went out.

 There were shelves on the front wall of my basement, and since the windows are well insulated, M-I-L decided that's where the canned goods needed to go. As well as some books. And I think a board game. And the Christmas Tree. You know what? It's a really popular wall. But it looks -neat-, and that was the point.

 For the desk I had used for the canned goods before, we decided to put the winter clothes and Christmas ornaments up. Nice and Neat!

I'd have to say that this was the hardest part. All of the clothes from upstairs were now in boxes and bags. But that meant one thing: YARD SALE TIME!

All in all, it was a positive experience, and a serious jump forward to getting rid of the excess, and the clutter. Good luck to ya, Mamas, on your clean-up expeditions. Love ya!